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Conditions for Filming

Production Conditions

  • All applicable rules, regulations and permit conditions must be adhered to at all times. In the case of a transgression, the permit may be withdrawn.
  • The location manager must ensure that every film crew member is fully informed about the conditions in the permit and general rules and regulations pertaining to the area.
  • Kwantu will inspect the terrain immediately after wrap up. Possible ecological damage and transgressions of conditions in the permit will be identified and recorded on the wrap assessment form.
  • Filming or photography within Kwantu Game Reserve are done entirely at your own risk and Kwantu Game Reserve, which includes management and staff, shall not be liable for any claims or damage arising of suffered wether directly or indirectly from injury or harm whatsoever, including death, or any damage whether direct or indirect to personal or other property whatsoever, and however caused, shall by doing so, be deemed to indemnify Kwantu Private Game Reserve against any liability for damages,  however caused. Visitors to Kwantu Private Game Reserve assume sole responsibility for their property, while on the reserve.
  • The Kwantu Game Reserve’s normal activities or business operations are not to be interfered with in any way.
  • As soon as production is completed, all infrastructure, equipment, vehicles, and all other belongings must be removed without delay.
  • Additional requests will be considered according to their merit and impact on the environment.

Scouting and Technical Visits

  • With initial location site visits, arrangements to enter Kwantu Game Reserve have to be made in advance.

Kwantu Ecological Control Officers

  • No filming may take place in the absence of a Kwantu Ranger or ECO Officer, except where otherwise agreed with the reserve manager.

Ecological Matters

  • At least one Kwantu representative must be on site at all times.
  • Filming will be limited to specified areas.
  • No disturbance of rock formations, moving of loose rocks or scarring of rock faces will be allowed.
  • No natural vegetation (dead or alive) may be disturbed.
  • Soil may not be disturbed.
  • Animals may not be disturbed.
  • No pedestrians or vehicles will be allowed outside the designated areas.
  • Tame animals must be handled in accordance with the permit conditions.
  • Bringing in of plants must be in accordance with the permit conditions.
  • Construction work must be done in accordance with the permit conditions.
  • There may be no spilling of oil or fuel from vehicles or equipment during filming.
  • No open fires will be allowed. If necessary, smoke may only be generated according to the conditions in the permit.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No form of wildlife may be injured, fed or disturbed in any way.
  • Access control/vehicle movement
  • Kwantu guests must be accommodated on the set, unless the film crew has obtained the area as dedicated space for a fixed period.
  • All vehicles must stay on the roads at all times.
  • Helicopter landings will be restricted to the sites identified by the reserve manager.


  • Supply sufficient refuse bins at appropriate sites.
  • All Refuse must be removed from the game reserve and public areas.
  • Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited at the reserve.
  • Refuse may not be burnt or buried on the terrain.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Traffic and Parking

  • Vehicles and machines may only be used on existing roads.
  • The speed limit in nature reserves is 40 km/h.
  • Vehicles must be parked in demarcated areas.
  • Sufficient parking space has to be left for visitors.

Combustible Materials and Chemicals

  • Combustible materials and chemicals must be handled according to the conditions in the permit.
  • No herbicides, chemicals or combustible materials may be used without prior permission.
  • In the case of any accidental pollution, the reserve manager must be notified immediately and appropriate steps must be taken to rehabilitate the affected area.

Firearms and Explosives

  • Firearms and explosives are not permitted.


  • Possible sources of noise must be handled in accordance with the requirements in the permit.
  • No music may be played on site.
  • Power generators should be sealed against noise.

Period of Filming

  • The site must be cleared of equipment and infrastructure on the day that the crew leaves the site. Alternative arrangements need to be made for long-term filming projects.
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