Animal Name: Leopard Scientific Name: Panthera pardus Cape leopards live in the mountains regions of the Cape where they like rocky slopes or well vegetated riverine areas rather than open, flat areas. They are solitary, moving within a well-defined, sexually exclusive territory or home range (they do not live in one cave as [...]

Cape Bulbul


Animal Name: Cape Bulbul Scientific Name: Pycnonotus capensis Habitat: It generally prefers thickly vegetated fynbos and succulent karoo, as well as coastal scrub, Acacia karoo (Sweet thorn) woodland, suburban parks and gardens. Distribution: Endemic to South Africa, where it is very common Across much of the Western Cape, extending along the coast to [...]

Bokmakierie Shrike


Animal Name: Bokmakierie Shrike Scientific Name: Telophorus zeylonus Habitat: Open habitats, including highveld koppies, karoo, fynbos and semi-desert scrub. Also found in parks and gardens in towns and cities, usually in pairs. Distribution: Endemic to South Africa Diet: Insects, small lizards, snakes, birds, frogs. Reproduction: The nest is a bulky bowl of twigs, [...]