Project Description

Animal Name: Southern Boubou
Scientific Name: Laniarius ferrugineus

It occupies a wide variety of woodland habitats, as well as coastal thickets, riverine scrub, alien tree plantations and suburban gardens.

Endemic to southern Africa, occurring from south-eastern Botswana through Limpopo and North-West Provinces to southern Mozambique, extending down the coast to KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern and Western Capes.

Highly adaptable, it eats a variety of animals and occasionally plants, most of which are caught on the ground. It also gleans insects off leaves and bark and occasionally hawks flying insects.


  • The nest is built solely by the female and is an untidy, loosely woven bowl made of twigs, roots and grasses, sometimes bound with spider web. It is usually placed in a fork of a tree or bush, concealed by foliage. If the nest is repeatedly disturbed, the breeding pair rip it apart and, using the same materials, rebuild it nearby.
  • Egg-laying season is from about August-March, peaking around September-December.
  • It lays 2-3 eggs, which are incubated by both sexes for about 16-17 days.
  • The chicks leave the nest at about 16-17 days old, becoming semi-independent after about 8 weeks, after which they remain with their parents for roughly 3 weeks more.