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Project Description

Animal Name: Leopard
Scientific Name: Panthera pardus

Cape leopards live in the mountains regions of the Cape where they like rocky slopes or well vegetated riverine areas rather than open, flat areas. They are solitary, moving within a well-defined, sexually exclusive territory or home range (they do not live in one cave as some believe, rather they find suitable places to sleep as they go) They move mainly at night but also a little in the day. Females seem to prefer the may more than males, possible to avoid confrontation.

A leopard call sounds like sawing wood, Each leopard has unique spot or rosette patterns. Estimates show that there are less than 1000 Cape leopards in total.

Leopard Diet:
Favourite food is klipspringer and dassie (together = 78%), They also eat other antelope (buck), porcupine and mice and a few baboons are eaten as these group living animals can be very dangerous


  • 2 or 3 cubs (less than half survive)
  • The female moves them to a new den site every 7 to 10 days for about 3 months
  • Cubs leave mother after 12 -18 months