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Helping to make a difference!


Kwantu Private Game Reserve is involved in various social responsible activities, including a feeding program at local primary schools aimed at stimulating community development and interaction among the people.

The program which involves the South African Police Service (SAPS), the Education Department and Kwantu Private Game Reserve has seen the restoration and building of public confidence in local government structures. Since starting the feeding programme, sources close to the three schools, say that a number of learners have improved with their academic studies. The feeding programme takes place once a week at each school.

The initiative is also credited for seeing an increase in enrollment at these community-oriented schools. The sources revealed that some of the children were coming to school without having consumed anything, a situation which affected their performance in class.

Management at Kwantu Private Game Reserve believes in an intellectual society for the growth of the country’s economy, hence the gesture to assist the less privileged in its environs. Kwantu Private Game Reserve provides an assortment of food from its kitchens. The food is then taken to the schools where an estimated 100 children are fed per school every week.

Kwantu Private Game Reserve employees who coordinate the programme also have time to chat with the children, teachers and local police who come to supervise the programme. Schools that have so far benefited are found in Alicedale and Seven Fountain areas.