Afri-Save Cash & Carry together with Kwantu Private Game Reserve partners with Gift of the Givers assisting to help alleviate drought stricken historical town of Makhanda and provide much needed water for all residents.

Afri-Save Cash & Carry and Kwantu Private Game Reserve both responded to the distress call of Dr Imtiyaaz Suliman and committed to providing this essential need to the people of Makhanda.

“Our hearts are with those residents of Makhanda, we are humbled in partnering with Gift of the Givers assisting it’s people, students, farmers and animals with much needed water and resources,” said Group Chairman of the Africorp Group of Companies, Yusuf Jeeva.

Givers step in again as Settlers hits beyond-critical 7%

Gift of the Givers recently brought a third water tanker to Makhanda (Grahamstown). It was delivered days before the city’s supply was due to halve, as Settlers Dam becomes too low to extract water from. Meanwhile senior adviser in the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC) Neil Mcleod was due to meet with Makana officials this week to discuss the next steps in managing Makhanda’s water crisis, and stepped water tariffs to reduce consumption were proposed.

A 30-ton superlink truck with a capacity for 20 000 litres of water has been sponsored to Gift of the Givers by Afri-Save Cash & Carry, and Kwantu Private Game Reserve. It joins two 10-ton trucks already in service through the humanitarian relief organisation.

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