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Kwantu is one of the foremost authorities in defining new ideas, solutions or visions for protecting and preserving the natural environment for future generations. Our senior leadership and conservation teams are go-to individuals for said expertise.
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Rising tiger, waning rhino: Lessons from Asia for Africa.

The success of international tiger conservation efforts is offering a beacon of hope for the rhino conservation community in South Africa.   In addition to deforestation and human wildlife conflict, poaching and illegal trade of tiger parts have resulted in the plight and endangerment of the species to the point of near extinction.

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Critical reflections on elephant conservation, CITES and legalising the trade of Africa’s white gold.

The 2016 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) conference is only two days away, and today (22 September), on international Elephant Appreciation Day, it is appropriate to take stock of some challenges and developments with regards to elephant conservation and anti-poaching programmes.

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Could new mega-reserves save Africa's lions?

Today, across the globe, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists are celebrating World Lion Day, 10 August, but it is also an international day of mourning as we reflect over the loss and plight of Africa’s iconic land predator.


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