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The Sun2017-01-16T16:05:45+02:00

Kwantu has a warm sunny climate and you should wear sunscreen and a hat whenever you are out of doors during the day, particularly between 10am and 2pm, regardless of whether there is cloud cover or not.

South Africa Time2017-01-16T15:49:56+02:00

South Africa does not change its clocks during the year, and there are no regional variations within the country. South Africa Standard Time is (+2) Greenwich Mean (or Universal Standard) Time, (+1) Central European Winter Time, and (+7) USA’s Eastern Standard Winter Time. Time Zone: CAT (Central Africa Time).

What should I wear?2017-01-16T15:48:41+02:00

While on Safari at Kwantu Game Reserve, it is wise to choose clothing in neutral, camouflage colours such as brown, khaki, stone or beige which will make you less visible and able to get closer to the wild animals you may want to see. It is advisable to layer your clothing as this provides more warmth when necessary and allows you to remove clothing during the hottest period of the day. Please see our Weather Guide + Pack List

What is the weather like?2017-01-16T15:33:35+02:00

Kwantu normally receives about 281mm of rain per year, with rainfall occurring throughout the year. Kwantu receives the lowest rainfall in July and the highest in March. The average daily maximum midday temperatures for Kwantu area range from 20.7°C in July to 28.2°C in February. Kwantu is the coldest during July when temperatures drops to 7.3°C on average during the night.

What is the recommended length of stay?2017-01-16T15:32:32+02:00

A recommended minimum period is approximately three days. The maximum length is totally up to you.

Do you offer Specials or Tour Packages?2017-01-16T16:04:08+02:00

Yes. Please see

Safari Tour Packages

What are the Accommodation Rates?2017-01-16T15:27:32+02:00

Please visit the Accommodation Rates

Is the water safe to drink?2017-01-16T15:26:07+02:00

Yes. The water at Kwantu is perfectly safe to drink.

Who are the local people?2017-01-16T15:24:27+02:00

The Xhosa

Do I need any special licence to hire a motor vehicle?2017-01-16T15:22:44+02:00

A passport and current drivers license is all that is required.

Are transfers available?2017-01-16T15:20:33+02:00

Yes. We can offer transfers from Port Elizabeth

How far is the closest airport?2017-01-16T15:19:07+02:00

The closest airport is Port Elizabeth – 60 Minutes drive

Do I need to take any special medical precautions?2017-01-16T15:17:47+02:00

No, we are a malaria and bilharzia free area and have access to professional medical facilities within half an hour. You need only bring your personal medical needs.

Is Malaria a problem in the Kwantu area?2017-01-16T15:16:21+02:00

The Eastern Cape is Malaria FREE.

Do I require a travel visa to visit South Africa?2017-01-16T15:14:27+02:00

For the majority of foreign visitors to South Africa entry is straightforward and hassle-free. All visitors to South Africa must be in possession of a valid passport in order to enter the country and in some cases, a visa. The Department of Home Affairs’ website will provide information on: visa costs, processing time, where to apply, visa requirements (what to submit), requirements for people in transit, duration and purpose of stay, medical visas and photographs.
Countries Exempt from Visas