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What are the COVID-19 Health and safety protocols?2020-07-08T19:10:40+02:00

Kwantu has taken the following COVID-19 Health and safety protocols to be in place currently;

  1. Various signage and reminders for guests to adhere to the protocols
  2. Sanitization stations dispersed in various areas (including wet wipes)
  3. Masks to be worn in the public areas
  4. No self-service buffets available
  5. Social distancing in place for meals (food served to the table)
  6. Social distancing in place for game drives where possible (middle seat left open where possible and more than one group)
  7. Temperature checks are done for guests and staff
  8. Regular cleaning done with sanitization protocols
  9. Certain higher risk communal areas temporarily closed
Does coronavirus came from animals2020-03-19T13:03:12+02:00

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some cause illness in people and others cause illness in certain types of animals and coronaviruses that infect animals can become able to infect people, but this is rare.

The exact source of the current outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not yet known. There is no evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19.

What is the difference between Game Reserve and Safari?2020-03-04T12:01:06+02:00

Game Reserve

Just like Kwantu: A Game reserve is a large area of land with a wonderful geographical nature, where world animals lives safely, and where we can find strange world animals.


The word safari was brought from an Arabic word Safara, which mean a journey or travelling around a certain area to observe. In 2003 Steve Jobs announced that Apple had developed a web browser and named it Safari meaning browsing around the internet to observe. So then the word Safari is now used to refer  travelling  around  African Game Reserves or National Parks, to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and sightseeing, as well.


The difference between Game Reserve and Safari is only that, a Game Reserve as a place while Safari is a journey often to observe and photograph wildlife in that place (Game Reserve).


Is Kwantu Game Reserve Good For School Children Visits?2020-03-04T10:04:02+02:00

Kwantu Game Reserve is a home of world-life, that has different kinds of strange animals. It is a land that is rich in terms of geographical nature. So it is a place that school pupils from different parts of the world can came and find lot of things to learn about. And it is good for education researches.

Also Kwantu have lecture rooms that accommodate about 500 people, including dedicated lounges, finished with attractive comfortable couches and bed rooms. Which is good for a large number of pupils` educational group visits.

Is Kwantu a Halal Game Reserve?2020-03-02T09:01:29+02:00

Kwantu is a Halal Game Reserve. There is no shortage of halal food at Kwantu Game Reserve, no matter how many guest visited the place at the same time.

Kwantu Private Game Reserve is proud to be fully Halal and alcohol free.

In addition to this, Kwantu also offers a prayer room for guests as well as prayer options for guests requiring to attend the Friday Jumu’ah prayers. If you need a Halal restaurant in town at the beach-views of  Port Elizabeth you can go to Al-Beit Lodge .

Where is Kwantu Private Game Reserve?2020-03-03T12:14:51+02:00

Kwantu Private Game Reserve  is located in the Eastern Cape province of  South Africa. Between Port Elizabeth and Grahams-town. It is 90 kilometers away from Port Elizabeth town. Kwantu is along the banks of the Bushman’s River – a mere hour’s drive from Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

If you want to visit Kwantu Big 5 Five Star Private Game Reserve  click here .

South Africa Time2020-03-03T11:41:33+02:00

South Africa does not change its clocks during the year, and there are no regional variations within the country. South Africa Standard Time is (+2) Greenwich Mean (or Universal Standard) Time, (+1) Central European Winter Time, and (+7) USA’s Eastern Standard Winter Time. Time Zone: CAT (Central Africa Time).

What should I wear?2020-03-03T11:20:11+02:00

While on Safari at Kwantu Game Reserve, it is wise to choose clothing in neutral, camouflage colors such as brown, khaki, stone or beige which will make you less visible and able to get closer to the wild animals you may want to see. It is advisable to layer your clothing as this provides more warmth when necessary and allows you to remove clothing during the hottest period of the day. Please see our Weather Guide + Pack List

What is the weather like?2020-03-02T14:58:18+02:00

When talking about weather; Kwantu normally receives about 281 mm of rain per year, with rainfall occurring throughout the year. Kwantu receives the lowest rainfall in July and the highest in March. The average daily maximum midday temperatures for Kwantu area range from 20.7°C in July to 28.2°C in February. Kwantu is the coldest during July when temperatures drops to 7.3°C on average during the night.

What is the recommended length of stay?2020-03-03T12:45:08+02:00

Kwantu offer a variety of safari experiences such as; game reserve day visit, weddings , other functions, game drives etc.  So the length of stay depends on what you want. However we recommend you to stay minimum period of approximately three days. The maximum length is totally up to you.

Do you offer Specials or Tour Packages?2020-03-03T13:04:16+02:00

Not only the free impressive BIG 5 roaming with the special equipped open Land Rovers.  Kwantu offers a variety of special or tour packages such as game reserve day visits, bad watching and many more.

What are the Accommodation Rates?2020-03-03T13:23:55+02:00